Traffic Map

By public transportation
No.56 Shoushan Zoo Shuttle
Departs from the Kaohsiung Main Station or the Kaohsiung HSR Station → KRTC Yanchengpu Station (O2) → from Shoushan Entrance stop, walk 2 minutes to reach the Planning Office

No.219 Bus
Departs from Jiachang Station → Jiachang Rd → Houchang Rd → Zuonan Rd → Zuoying Avenue → get off at Gushan Administration Center stop and walk up the hill on Wanshou Rd, pass the Yuan Heng temple, Wanshoushan Bridge and Zoo Parking lot, about 10 minutes to reach the office.

By car
Freeway → exit at Zhongzheng Interchange → Zhongzheng 1st Rd → Wufu 1st Rd → Wufu 4th Rd → Gushan 1st Rd → Shoushan Park entrance → Wanshou Rd (to Zoo) → Shoushan Zoo → office