Prohibited Activities Regulations in the Domain of Shoushan National Nature Park(壽山國家自然公園區域內禁止事項)

Amended and promulgated by Order Tai-Nei-Ying-Zi No.1080810353 of the Ministry of the Interior on July 3, 2019, by amending Regulation 16; effective on the date of promulgation.

  1. It is prohibited to collect fossils, stalagmites, stalactites, coral rocks, and other rare rocks.
  2. Peddling or setting up vending stalls in the park is prohibited.
  3. It is prohibited to carry hunting equipment capable of capturing, killing, or harming wildlife into the park.
  4. The hanging or placement of road signs, trail markings, notice boards, sports facilities, tables and chairs, and other objects which could disrupt the landscape is prohibited.
  5. Any lighting of firecrackers, fireworks, combustibles, or cooking is prohibited.
  6. Any building of pergolas or the other illegal structures, and paving roads are prohibited.
  7. Littering of plastic bottles, polystyrene, other plastic or metal products, trash, and other objects, is prohibited.
  8. Destruction of public property and facilities is prohibited.
  9. It is prohibited to feed the rock macaques and the other wild animals.
  10. Feeding of stray animals and abandonment of cats, dogs, and other pet animals are prohibited.
  11. Pets are prohibited from entering the general area (Control 1, Control 2) and the special landscape area (Special 1).
  12. It is prohibited to smoke inside the park (except in smoking areas designated by relevant management units).
  13. It is prohibited to ride bicycles in areas outside of designated routes, or to speed in designated routes or force pedestrians to give way.
  14. Unauthorized cave exploration and partaking in cave exploration in areas outside of the permitted zone are prohibited.
  15. It is prohibited to rock climb outside of the designated zone or to establish rock climbing facilities in the park without permission.
  16. Except for populated areas, it is prohibited to participate in political activities and actions with the potential to cause social disputes or conflict.