SNNP Visitor Center’s Business As Usual in Chinese New Year Holidays

National nature park headquarters manage Shoushan National Park(SNNP), Taichung Metropolitan Park(TMP) and Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park(KMP). 3 visitor centers will be closed in lunar new year’s eve only. During lunar new year holiday, SNNP visitor center will hold on some special event for year of tiger. KMP visitor center also had an exhibition of pastel painting by children with autism. The COVID-19 outbreak is continuing grow, visitors should follow the national epidemic prevention measures.

SNNP, TMP and KMP visit centers are here to answer your questions and provide information. We also have permanent exhibitions, it is suitable for all. Everybody is very welcomed. The special event in all 3 visitors is “WildView Taiwan Film Festival in associalation with Wildscreen.” There are 21 movies in this year, please search the web for the showtimes.

CECC(Central Epidemic Command Center) has declared the nationwide COVID-19 alert will remain at Level 2 from January 25 to February 7. NNP headquarters remind that everyone should wear a mask and follow the epidemic prevention guideline when visit SNNP, TMP and KMP. Please scan the QR code in pavilions or recreation areas for real-name registration, and wear a mask at all time.

The sculpture exhibition is staged at the outdoor plaza in KMP. Taking photos with the artworks are very welcomed, but Please DO NOT climb the artworks.

The NNP director remind that 3 essentials for your tourism:

1. Never feed monkeys. Do not approach wildlife. Be respectful. Store your food securely.

2. 4 limestone cave are opened to April 30. For your safety, please register no less than 5 days before you travel. If not, you will face $NT 3,000 fine. The registration web site:

3. SNNP, TMP and KMP are crowned place with high risk of COVID-19 spread. Please follow the national epidemic prevention measures. NNP headquarters will follow CECC and the city government’s instructions to adjust the rules. 

Additional information on website:

Taichung Metropolitan Park(TMP):

Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park(KMP):

Traffic information:Kaohsiung City Real-time Traffic Information


▲Special event for year of tiger in SNNP visitor center


▲Outdoor sculpture exhibition in KMP


▲Exhibition of pastel painting by children with autism in KMP