"Don't panic if you are lost on the mountain, Satellite positioning yourself so that we can search and rescue."

Shoushan National Nature Park has attracted about 2.43 million tourists in 2019.Among them, the Shoushan area has the largest number of visitors. The main types of activities are sightseeing, hiking, and scenic viewing.

Shoushan National Nature Park Headquarters considers the timing of autumn to begin and the sky is getting darker. It calls on tourists to go down the mountain early according to the road conditions and climate to avoid getting lost. if you are lost on the mountain, we povide the following two positioning methods for tourists to shorten the search and rescue time.

1. Google Map: Google Maps is the easiest and most frequently used map app. If you want to know where you are, you only need to make sure that the mobile phone location service is turned on or follow the phone's instructions to turn on the location service, and open it in the app Click and hold the small blue dot of your position to the maximum, then you can display the coordinates of your location, then call 110 or 119 to report the case and inform you where you are. If the location shows no communication signal, you can call 112 instead.

2. Kaohsiung City 119: Kaohsiung City 119 is an app developed by Fire Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government. In addition to general cases, you can click on any report content when the mobile phone is turned on to automatically obtain the current location coordinate information and record. After you can call 110, 119 or 112 to report where you are.

Although there are a simple way to report, but prevention is better than cure, before going up the mountain, tourists should still conduct their own safety risk assessment on the characteristics of the mountainous area. Mobile phones, lighting equipment, portable charger and water should be checked and prepared in advance, and inform your family or friends where are you go.

In addition, you can download offline maps on your mobile phone and learn how to use them.

which can significantly reduce the incidence of getting lost and increase the chance of success in search and rescue. It can help you more safe and may cause less regret.