Three-level alert for the epidemic has been extended, Shoushan's epidemic prevention depends on you to “WEAR”

response to the escalation of the epidemic, the Central Epidemic Command Center announced that the three-level alert was extended to June 28. The National Natural Park Headquarters cooperated with the Kaohsiung City Government’s anti-epidemic policy and closed a total of 27 pavilions in Shoushan, Banpingshan, and Big and small Guishan Parks. 3 Fengcha(tea service) stations and 21 rest place. Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park is also closed to outdoor related facilities. It is recommended that people avoid going out as much as possible if they are not necessary. People must wear masks all the time when going out, do not gather with other people, and you can bring extra masks for alternate use if it is wet. Protect yourself and protect others.

A recent inspection revealed that there were still sporadic people gathering in the park without wearing masks, and some closed strongholds, cordon lines were breached and intrusions. In this regard, the National Natural Park Headquarters stated that it will continue to work with the Shoushan Police Branch of The Seventh Special Police Corps. Strengthen inspections in the park, publicize the epidemic prevention policy, and ban people who violate the epidemic prevention regulations. Please be sure to wear a mask at all times, maintain a social and safe distance, and do not trespass into closed strongholds to avoid crowds and avoid becoming an infection control breach.

Anyone who does not wear a mask or breaks into closed place to gather in groups and fails to persuade them will be reported, and the bill will be transferred to the Department of Health, Kaohsiung City Government, which can be fined NT$3,000 to NT$15,000 in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Communicable Disease Control Act.