Applications for cave exploration were discontinued from May 1st to October 31st

The beginning of May will enter the beginning of the twenty-four solar terms. According to the statistics of the Kaohsiung area's rainfall data over the years by the Central Weather Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, the rainfall in May is expected to be higher than the previous few months, and it will not be significantly reduced until November. It can be said that it is the rainy season of Shoushan National Natural Park (hereinafter referred to as the park), which is the so-called flood season. Although it is the season of biological recovery and the richness of the landscape in the park, compared with the external environment, the limestone cave interior is obviously wet, and there may even be The muddy and stagnant water phenomenon will also significantly change the biological activities in the environment. Therefore, in order to avoid disturbing the environment in the cave or being affected by it, it also reduces the risk of falls due to the slippery environment.

The park originally had to apply for four caves, Orangutan Cave, Tienyu

Tientsai Cave, North Peak Chilo Cave, and Jingua Cave, from May 1st to October 31st, 2021. Authorized in accordance with Article 13 of the National Park Law the stipulated regulations on prohibited matters in the Shoushan National Natural Park area stop applications and engage in cavern activities. Violators will be investigated in accordance with the law, and the public is urged to cooperate in the implementation of controls so that the natural environment can be adjusted in accordance with the seasons. Since November 1, 2021, it will be able to apply for and engage in caving activities (Applications can be made in advance 3 months ago).

In addition, we also remind the public to enter the park to engage in more physically demanding and challenging activities. You should understand the environmental conditions, assess your own conditions, prepare your own equipment, and consider the use of relevant insurance to protect personal rights and reduce accidents.

(The high spatial variance in the cave requires a person to lead the visit and guide the understanding of the characteristics of the limestone cave through commentary)