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The park spans across the Gushan District, Zuoying District, Qijin District and Nanzi District of Kaohsiung City, with the largest range with in the Gushan District. According to the National Park Law, the lands within the confines of the National Park areas maybe re-zoned, according to land use and resource characteristics, to the five following sections:

The park has a total surface area of 1122.654 hectares. By law, the park has designated 1 special landscape area, 6 historical areas, 3 general restricted areas, and 1 recreational area. The zoning plan and area statistics are as follow:

By Zones Area (hectares) Percentage(%) Note
Historical Sites History(一) 0.87   Fengshan County Old City, Zuoying District (East gate and its walls)
History(二) 0.17   FengshanCounty Old City, Zuoying District (North gate and its walls)
History(三) 10.4   LongquanTemple site (nameless creek behind the Longchuan Temple and the regions whereits tributaries flow through)
History(四) 0.53   FormerBritish Consular Residence of Takao
History(五) 0.38   Qihou Lighthouse
History(六) 0.5   Qihou Fortification
QihouFortification 12.85 1.1446%  
Recreationalarea Recreation(一) 18.35   Big and Small Gueishan
Total 18.35 1.6345%  
Speciallandscape Special(一) 245   NorthernShoushan military control zone
Total 245 20.0994%  
Generalrestricted area Control(一) 163.3   Banpingshan
Control(二) 672.784   Shoushan
Control(三) 10.37   Qihoushan
Total 846.454 77.341%  
Total 1122.654 100%
  1. Special landscape area
    Special landscape area: an area with unique natural landscapes impossible to recreate artificially and development is strictly restricted. The plan will incorporates the special landscapes of the stalactite caverns of the Northern Shoushan limestone terrain, Mifeng Hill, Thailand Valley, Xiaopingding and Snake rocks into a special landscape area.
  2. Historical sites
    An area designated as having historical significance as outlined by the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act; contains important historical buildings, historical sites, ruins and other cultural remnants; contain areas with anthropological and historical research values, cultural heritages or historical battlegrounds.
  3. General restricted area
    The land or waters inside a national park not belonging to any other classified areas, including existing villages, and permission of continual use of the land and waters (including tenancy, ground rights and other usages in line with laws and regulations) in compliance with preservation of the local natural resources without sacrificing original rights of land use.
  4. Recreation area
    An area suitable for outdoor recreational and education activities for the population, enabling people to learn about environmental conservation and ecological knowledge, while conducting recreational activities.
Zoning Plan of Shoushan National Natural Park
Zoning Plan of Shoushan National Natural Park