National Nature Park Satoyama School

Shoushan National Natural Park is a rare and well-preserved shallow mountain ecosystem in Taiwan. Due to its proximity to the Greater Kaohsiung metropolitan area, it has a close relationship with local residents. It introduced the management concept of the "Salishan Initiative" and established the "National Natural Park Shallow Mountain Academy". Promote the concept of harmonious coexistence between man and the natural environment.

In 102, the department started to carry out environmental education strategic planning and curriculum development. After a series of discussions, development, planning, research, trial teaching and adjustments, the "National Natural Park Asayama Academy" finally opened in 2013! "Shallow Mountain Academy" provides outdoor teaching, professional study, project planning and other services for different objects and participants. At present, 4 sets of outdoor teaching courses have been developed for middle school and elementary school students. They are Taiwan macaque, invasive species, history and geology courses. In addition, we organize project planning activities from time to time, adopt different teaching methods for different objects, and guide participants to reflect on the relationship between themselves and the environment from the activities.

The well-designed courses and activities of "National Natural Park Shallow Mountain Academy" will bring you different gains and new horizons in the process of entertaining and entertaining. Everyone is a seed to be discovered in the "Asayama Academy". We sincerely invite you to participate in our various courses and activities, so that the hope of environmental education can spread everywhere and grow stronger.

"National Natural Park Asayama Academy" courses and activities
species Course description Object Execution day application time
outdoor teaching Diversified outdoor teaching courses

Junior high and elementary school students
apply on a class basis (up to a maximum of 40 students )

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Need to apply 30 days before the implementation date
To school promotion

Go to school to
promote Shoushan's environmental education

Junior high and elementary school teachers Wednesday during the semester Need to apply 30 days before the implementation date
Theme activity

irregular activities according to the characteristics of Shoushan resources

Plan activities according to various objects,
including parents and children, young people, the general public... etc.

According to the activity guide


Announcement according to the activity guide

Professional training/
special planning

Of various themes

Professional growth study

Government agencies, organizations, school teachers
(limited to 15-32 persons)
or Saturday and Sunday during the school period

Apply 30 days before the execution date

Environmental commentary
Explanation of the environmental resources of each trail within the Shoushan Park
Institutions and organizations, the general public
(groups of more than 15 people)
daily Need to
apply and confirm 15 days before the implementation date

To register , please register online or download the application form by fax (fax: (07)531-3021 ). For any other questions, please call our office (07)531-3001 extension 534 .