Formosan Macaque

▲ Level: 4th-6th grades
▲Course Description: The Formosan Macaque is one of two primate species in Taiwan (the other being humans). This monkey learnt very quickly how to get food from humans but this has caused problems in our relations with it. To understand these problems and how to solve them let’s take a look at the “language” and lives of these monkeys.
▲ Program Objectives: students who complete the program are expected to:
1. Understand the Formosan Macaque’s physiological, ecological, behavioral and language features;
2. Understand how human feeding habits affect macaques;
3. Learn how to get along with macaques;
4. Understand how inappropriate human activities affect wild animal behavior.
▲ About the Formosan Macaque:
Formosan Macaques like to eat caterpillars and catch them by tugging at the silky threads by which caterpillars descend a tree.