Conservation Information

Is there any human feeding of Formosan macaques or disturbance of wild animals?

If verified, any feeding or disturbance of wild animals or Formosan macaques violates the Wildlife Conservation Act and the Kaohsiung City Autonomous Regulations for Wildlife Conservation. Because the Kaohsiung City Government is the regulatory authority, the Planning Office of Shoushan National Nature Park will pass any images of misconduct on to the Agriculture Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government. The Planning Office will also conduct an investigation as to whether this misconduct violates the National Park Law. Environmental education courses will also be promoted to raise awareness of appropriate behavior and to establish correct attitudes towards macaques in the general public.

Have there been any incidents of Formosan macaques being beaten by humans?

The incident reported in the media was verified to have taken place outside of Shoushan National Nature Park. However, since this misconduct was a violation of the Wildlife Conservation Act, the Planning Office of Shoushan National Nature Park circulated a note to the Agriculture Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government and locals reported it to local police as well. Staff of the Planning Office will pay more attention to evidence of wounded macaques in their park patrols. Once injuries are found, medical care will be given depending on the situation.
Conflict between humans and Formosan macaques arises from the overlap of living habitats as well as inappropriate behavior and constant disturbance of the macaques by humans. Therefore, the Planning Office will continue to promote environmental education and related affairs so that the public can learn to respect animals and to interact appropriately with the macaques.