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The unique coral reef vegetation, famous Formosan macaques, precious pre-historic shell sites and diverse natural resources of Shoushan Mountain are preserved by years of military control. Surveys of the mountain have uncovered 800 species of plants, 117 bird species, 9 species of mammals, 21 species of reptiles, and countless insects and other animals, making Shoushan a trove of natural treasures and an excellent site for nature science research and education. Banpingshan and the Big and Small Gueishan extend the biological corridor to the Shoushan National Natural Park, resulting in abundant and diverse biological and landscape resources in these 3 mountain areas. As such, locals have been advocating to set up a national natural park for the sake of sustainable development of the abundant natural resources in the 3 mountains.

In October 3 of 2009 when the former Premier Wu visited the Kaohsiung Disaster Response Center, Mayor Chen Chu recommended the establishment of a national natural park in Shoushan Mountain. On October 6, former Premier Wu then directed the CPAMI to carry out the planning phase. The CPAMI completed the Shoushan National Natural Park Project Plan and Planning Map (draft) on April 21st, 2010, prioritizing the incorporation of the public lands in Shoushan, Qihoushan, Banpingshan and Gueishan into designated zones, while excluding private land owners by referencing the protected areas, park lands and green space ranges of the Kaohsiung City Government’s main project development. On November 12th the Draft of the Partial Article Amendment of the National Park Law was reviewed and passed by the Legislative Yuan, and was promulgated on December 8th, endowing legal basis of Shoushan Natural Park’s establishment. On December 28th the drafts of the planning and map were sent to the Executive Yuan, and were approved on April 14th 2011. The plan was promulgated on November 1st, and the Opening Ceremony was held on December 6th. The Shoushan National Natural Park Planning Office was temporarily established to handle related affairs.