Director's Words

Shoushan National Natural Park is the first Natural Park in Taiwan. It is situated in the southwestern part of Kaohsiung City, and contains an abundance of natural terrain landscapes, biological resources and historical cultures The park is the result of years of promotion by local environmental groups and forward-thinking individuals, as well as the combined efforts from the Central Government and all related sectors of the past 2 years. Finally, on December 6th 2011, after obtaining the legal basis for the amendment of the National Park Law, the Planning Office of Shoushan National Natural Park was established, serving as the headquarter office responsible for the park management and public services.The current main strategies for the management of Shoushan National Natural Park are:

Shoushan National Natural Park

  1. Strengthen management policies and administrative efficiency
    Using the experience from National Park management and operation to implement and promote projects related to sustainable environment, humanity resource preservation, conservation and recreational services. To enhance the management policies and improve the administrative efficiency of the office; to provide high quality services to people and increase the overall service quality.
  2. Implement ecological conservation and preservation of historical buildings
    To preserve the integrity and diversity of the ecological and historical resources in the park on the basis of research and conservation; to provide excellent environment for ecological research; to support sustainable management of resources for future generation; to strengthen international collaboration and focus on the research of terrain resources and biodiversity; to create sustainable management of the cultural, ecological and healthy aspects of the National Natural Park.
  3. Provide environment education and ecological research fields
    Build and preserve a complete ecosystem; improve education on biodiversity; seek collaboration with academic institutes; build a resource sharing learning network; respect natural, cultural and ecological load bearing of the park environment and carefully plan opportunities for limited eco-tourism and environment education; cultivate the population’s sentimentality for appreciation and affinity of national parks.
  4. Build community partnership, consultation and co-management mechanisms
    Allow community residents to participate in the sustainable management and development; establish channels for communication and community participation; strengthen cooperation and consultation with the surrounding communities and organizations; coalesce local appreciation and recognition of the environment; create win-win scenarios for both public and private sectors.
  5. Improve identity and future potential the National Natural Park
    Improve the identity of the park and build the foundation for international collaboration; build the High Level Coral Reef ecological network, management of wild life conservation, and investigation and preservation of historical and cultural resources; expand the National Natural Park local preservation initiative by following the establishment of the Shoushan management modes and policies.

The Shoushan portal website is finally ready to be unveiled to the public. This is a field that awaits further exploration, and we hope the Natural Park will advance in time with the historical heritages of the National Parks in Taiwan.